Woman of High rank

 She came to me as a woman  

Said what was mine is hers
That her all was in “our” cheating man.
She had been there for years.

He wins, “You know how he is”
But in my head he didn’t get to win
He had just lost what used to be his
But he had gotten under her skin

It was too late for her
In him she had lost her identity
Where is the woman you once were ??
Reduced to a fighting pity.

I knew this wasn’t her first time
There had been others before me
Too desperate for a woman in her prime
She didn’t want to be free

She came to me as a woman
She needed me out of her way pointblank 
So she left with “her” cheating man
And i left a woman of high rank

We both knew she would be doing this again 🙃

A woman’s rank is not determined by a man but in what the woman stands/fights for.👠


Plating Food 

I watch a lot of cooking shows. My fav is masterchef (Australia only coz I can’t stomach the rest😜😜pun intended)…i enjoy come dine with me but I think im into the commenters word play more than the food. I have blogged about my love for cooking before Falo fried 1  and Falo fried 2

Since these posts I have improved on my plating and my cooking but most importantly ive found other reasons why i love to cook.

1. It had become like art where i can get creative and inventive with how i plate out the food 

 2. It has become an escape for me on bad days. I just pour my frustrations into it and it gives me back Something that make me smile and keeps me full 😊 

3.It has become a love language. I have started to feed the people I love. I’ve seen how it makes them happy when I cook for them, yet its something so small but meaningful. This has been so rewarding for me especially because I struggle with giving. 

 4. I have slowly seen it rub off on people who follow my snapchat. Often they send me their own attempts at makimg food and presenting it in a nice way. It’s always good when you begin  to rub off on others 

5. It has helped my mom and I avoid eating bad. “There’s food at home” doesnt sound as daunting as it did before.

It’s great when you fall in love then find new ways of falling in love again each day.

Faux leather skirt 

 There is nothing that feels as good as seeing improvement. I made this beautiful skirt inspired by Kim K. I realised that most of the shops wouldnt have this and many of them seem to be selling the same type of style.

 With the left over faux leather material i made a choker with frill which I think gave my look some personality. The skirt can be worn with different tops to give a completely different vibe. 

 Now im just patiently waiting for an occasion to stunt in my faux leather skirt 😍.

I am Art 

 My body is Art 

Of the kind you may be uncultured in
Mind you, you are mistaken
If all you see is curves and sensuality
Because I am more than that

 For a long time i thought my body too provocative for a certain style of Art. Then I realised it was only so to provocative people. Culturally a lady isnt meant to have her legs apart, im sure you can see why contemporary or gymnastics may have been a bit of an issue.I sooner realised alot of what is said in culture is rarely observed properly, societies literally change and choose a culture depending on the people. So why hold back on what I love. 

 I am not a product of a big bang

Or Art of the abstract kind
I was sculptured 
A masterpiece
I AM ART I have accepted that not all 

Will understand nor appreaciate it
We don’t have the eye
For fine Art



Power is not lost but transferred 

And in my moments of weakness
I had transferred my strength
Into things i thought would recharge me
Power was my price

Power comes from a source
And i sourced and forced it
From places neither full nor willing
The battery went flat faster
Than the time it took to charge

Powercuts are like any other cut
Leaving Watt if’s and Watt nots
But you are drained
Searching for powerbanks
Desperate for the current

Power is one hell of a drug
Somethings cant get enough
Leaving everything with life zapped
Tazzered from within the grasp

It may appear not substantial 

A minimal voltage loss 

…but its a full blown powertrip

Wound Healing 

We have an abundance of remedies for physical pain.we know what to do to treat that wound in our sleep…and suppose we dont heck we can just Google it…and if you’ve done science youve even been taught how the story goes… the four stages of wound healing… yet we know little on emotional wound healing!!!
Hemostasis/bleeding stage

This is the stage where you are bleeding and your blood starts to clot in order to prevent anymore bloodloss.In terms of emotions this would be the bleeding stage.. the stage where you cry/or have that lump in your throat from holding back tears. This is the stay in bed, lose appetite stage where your emotions are a mess.you are feeling everything and willing it to stop.

Inflammation/ angry stage

This is a complex biological response to stage one. Which I like to call the angry stage, the stage where you’re angry at the wound, at your response to the wound and the wound cause.. You are just BIG mad. It’s complex because in the most of it all there is still traces of other emotions. Just like biological inflammation is needed to initiate tissue repair. This anger/ hurt phase needs to be acknowledged in order to repair…and repair properly.

Proliferation/growth stage

This is the rapid creation of new cells.This is the formation of a scab and tissue repair. The growth phase… the creating new habits and way of life beyond the wound. This is the change in perspective stage, the restoration of the mind and happiness. It is also the acceptance and reminisce stage. Reminisce can help you appreciate the process and move on or it can make you peal of the scab and return to stage 1. 

Remodelling/maturation/moving on stage

This is when the cells needed for repair are no longer needed and are removed..the things you paid attention to are now shifted…infact you don’t even notice you don’t need the band aids anymore. The collagen is remodelled, kinda like your strength is remodelled… everything functions as before..

 My point is even though you were never taught how to heal emotionally it works in semblance with a physical wound healing…It takes time..and in order to heal properly its wise not to skip stages. 

And if all else fails..you can always put some vaseline/ice on it !!😚😚

Last stand 

Last stand

I stood surrounded by evidence, it had me ambushed. Shook.Stealing every bit of glory from the battle plan. At the last stand I wondered how so much had gone so wrong. With a devil watching over me.I fought hard even at the times of stalemate. I had overlooked the possibility of a mole. I was double crossed with misinformation and make believe strategies. I was at war with the wrong enemy. The enemy laid his bed in the middle of my camp. I had let the mole in. I left the frontline formation , the underground tunnels and emergency escape plan in the hands of the mole. And he used them.

At the last stand I realised I could not win this. I had no way out, but i refused to beg for mercy  “spell bound i stutter ,i pray, release me”. I was the 300 ambushed by Xerxes. I was the prisoner of the war. No matter how faultless my strategies..they were in the wrong hands. 
*inspired by the song last stand by Kwabs