Eat Hearty

Eat Hearty

But watch the things you Google gobble

That social media sweet tooth

Will leave a rot you can see from a (s)mile away

Eat Hearty

But watch for hateful humour

It’s like cholesterol, good until

It cloggs out your arteries, heartless.

Eat Hearty

But watch out for Adverts and Additives

False truths of no nutritional value

Gluten free for the gluttons

Eat Hearty

Without watching other people plates

Piles of appetite suppressant (s)pills

That will stain your clothes

Eat Hearty

From the tree of life

For Heaven’s sake!!

Eat Soul food


100 Days of Happiness 2018

I have come to the end of my second 100 days of happiness challenge.The first one was in 2016:

I found this challenge so rewarding this year. I wanted to learn not only how to be happy but how to have joy. The difference is one is not affected by circumstance: that everyday for a 100 days I would do/ note something that made me happy.

I shared some of my days on my social media and I was happy to see others join me and start their counts. This made my heart so happy because a wise somebody said if you wanna go fast do it alone but if you wanna go far do it with others.

It takes a village to raise a child is one of the best things to come out of the African communities because it shows that you don’t need to be on Tv or on a huge platform to make a difference.

One to Fifty

This was a period of setting routine, remembering to find and do something that made me happy. This period was challenging because on some days I had to go out of my way to make it happen.It wasn’t so effortless and it didn’t just come to me . I had to remember why I was doing it. I’ve heard that we are allowed to be sad but not to let the sadness linger for too long. When I started the challenge I felt I had a little fluctuating lingering sadness I was struggling to shake off and it had been there for far too long.

Fifty to one hundred

The time of doubling up. And I mean double up for real. I had gotten into the swing of things and the more I noted down it seems the more I achieved. I guess I could say what God affirms he sustains. I was living under his sustenance. I saw myself achieve some personal goals and I also saw the happiness spreading in small but recognizable ways to those around me.Towards the end of the 100 days I took one large L, and the manner and the way I responded to it showed me that I had set myself free. I didn’t allow myself to be sad for long and I still had plenty to be happy about. In that moment and in that space I realised I had reached the state I wanted to reach: Joy

What now ??

Well figuring how to maintain it


Eden is a state of mind

A garden of a kind

That needs protection

From the corruption

That exiles mankind

Into a lifetime of trying to find

Eden,Canaan, Heaven.

A land flowing with milk and honey

Without comformaties and money

A place where peace blooms

Where eudaimonia and charity grooms

With falling petals of blessings

Direct God-human professings

where Spiritual milk meanders and flows

Breathing life into anything that grows

A Heaven on earth

Inherited at birth

But in mental remand

Waiting for a promised Land

Eden,Canaan, Heaven

A land of milk and honey

Corruption will make you drown in it.

Inspiration drawn from bible project

And a song by Zamajobe -Ndawo Yami

Frill Frugal

I have committed myself to trying out a different technique with every Falo fabrics Collection. As I pursue mastering my craft ,I thought it was important for me to hold myself accountable to my growth, basically make sure it happens. In my first Collection (Beige and Boujee) I mastered my personal sizing and measurements. In my second Collection (Backless ) i learnt personal pattern manipulation turning basic patterns into jumpsuits and playsuits (coz we don’t like unseasoned fashion) as well as learn different fabrics and stabilisers.

Frill and Frugal

This Collection is about what them fingers do 😜. it was that tedious foreplay of fiddling with the frill to make perfect gathers and pleats when all you want is the dress to come-through already. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚( phew that’s enough innuendo for today!!) . The effort is worth it, the frills are a perfect go with the wind vibe. This beach throw did exactly that with playful gathers sheared at different lengths for that added edge.

This nude playsuit zoned in on my pleating skills, with a pleated mesh finish. The neckline was a gathered choker style. The see through mesh gave this look an edge as it allows for different styling opportunities, as shown bellow a statement bra,or a statement necklace or if you’re really at that level of go with the wind; free the nips.

Finally like any good student would, I joined my past collections lessons and made some pants made by manipulating a basic pant pattern into ones with a overlapping flap. Paired it with a matching print top to make a breezy co-ord.

What’s next??

She is the one I want to hurt

You chose to hurt me

And I could never understand why

You sought after me

And after my heart

Chameleon-ed to suit my environment

Above and beyond

In both your effort and your lies

You bluffed right through it

Because you knew from the start

You did it with such unsettling ease

Out of a crowd you picked me

She is the one I WANT to hurt.

Palm of my Hand

You are the sweat of my brow

The itch in the palm of my hand

Culturally a sign of impending wealth

As I watch you grow

you’ve already made me rich

Rich in inspiration and fulfilment

An escape from lifes deathrow

And even if it doesn’t work

If it crumbles and I have to watch it fall

I can say I explored it

I can never wonder if that itch in my hand

Was going to make me rich one day

Then the Lord your God will make you most prosperous in all the work of your hands

Deuteronomy 30:9 NIV

White lies

The little white lies

Floating around like scattered light

Unsure of what is and isn’t


Unknown to you the little light lies

Form links like a spiders web

Not visible from a distance

Until you walk right into it


In the web of lies,tangled, caught

You realise that it’s your vision

And not the light that is scattered

You are the spider

that wove metal knots in your chains

You are a prisoner


Quick Math


Can have you chasing a tangent

Have you down a dark gradient

Where you misplace your importance

When you were a variable.

Any number could have fit that formulae.

One of many

But a skewering had you thinking

You were one above all, improper fraction.


When you find real math has more letters

Than numbers

And what you meant to him

Well that’s quick maths

Modern Traditionalite

A modern traditionalite is what I refer to as someone who is a little bit of both..both modern and traditional in different aspects of their life. I feel I am one of those people, who embraces their culture and traditions but also sees places and areas where modernizing is necessary and good.

I portrayed this idea in playful way using my own culture and ideals of a well groomed bride (pun intendedπŸ˜‹). What she represents and what she can still represent even after modernizing. A slay queen who’s slayage isn’t confined to one area.

I made this outfit with that idea in mind…that in my heels and midi dress I can still cause a shudder like the beat of an African drum. That I can be and I am both. A modern traditionalite.

Special thanks to Chidzy for helping me with this project

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