New Entry

I’ve never entered a new year quite like this…usually I’d spend it watching top 100 on zbc with my family in Zimbabwe, the proceedings to share our resolutions. Then the one time I went to an all night prayer..Then as I got older I began turning up into the new year and do a countdown with complete strangers and maybe take a shot…

Entry 2015…I’m sick 

And the only shot I should be taking is some sort of antiallergy…I’ve got that chesty wheezing cough,the one that cripples your chest on its way out..I have sore red eyes (that I really want to gorge out and put in a glass of water..use them when necessary)..then I have a black/reddish rash…basically I feel like I’m crawling into the new year…
I know there are others who are in worse conditions than I am…who are scraping just to see 2015…some of them are so far gone they don’t even know the date(31/12/14)..I usually have 10 thank you’s and 10 resolutions and read a whole load of inspirational quotes trying to start the new year on a good foot…But really all the inspirational quotes sum up to one complicated equation…so I’ve reduced from 10 to 1…bacause life is really that simple..

1.  Thank you God for I was alive in 2014

1.  May I not just be alive in 2015..May I       live !!


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