I don’t repeat clothes




There was a point in life when repeating clothes to functions was a HUGE crime..no one wanted to be a one top tommy or a dry’n’wear (straight from the washing line)… Repetition of clothes was like a sign of lack of clothes or no style at all…and if I’m perfectly honest I still struggle with the mind set..even though it absolutely makes no sense it’s something I’ve struggled to shake off…so obviously I did not buy clothes frequently when I was young so I had to make do with what I had…remaking outfits I’d worn before into something unrecognisably different…in the pictures above I’ve worn the same outfit in three different ways to show how to remake an outfit…I kept the same garments to give myself more of a challenge.(mixing with other clothes in my wardrobe would have been easier and the difference more recognizable)…. Even though this skill Base came from a place of negativity (not wanting to be judged,wanting to fit in,chasing the trends)… I managed to hustle with the little I had…ultimately it taught me in a twisted way how to live within my means(so even though I maybe on a tight budget I won’t look like I’m on a tight budget)…..somethings can start off fueled by something negative but with time and better understanding can turn into something positive and life lasting….

Ps: I do repeat clothes…. Cheap clothes too for that matter 😁😂


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