My 21st birthday





My 21st birthday was a point of realisation.That if at any point I’m taken from this earth 🌍 I have seen what love is. Love is when people unite in purest form of joy, to express and celebrate with loved one as they cover important milestones in life. I realised the importance of family in a place of happiness (not because the family needs to come together to divide burial money or any other negative reasons people need families for)… My family held me down in creating beautiful memories abroad, calling and texting overseas, sending gifts and money to assure that I am not just someone they share a surname or link through marriage with. There is a saying about how friends come and go. On my 21st my friends were very much present, in making my day special. And because of that they ain’t going anywhere (in my most psychotic voice)…from receiving gifts daily for 21days to well 🍸. The precious thing about friends is that these people actually have a choice to be in your life. Turns out I’m not really a scrooge after all. All of their efforts to be physically present or show a form of presence on the 12th meant a lot to the sentimental gifts which showed their efforts in getting to know me and understand the person I have become due to the past 21 years.  In regards to the person I’m going to be in the following 21 Years, I believe happiness was spoken into my life from the moment I was named Rufaro. In happiness and through happiness I chose to live the years to come.

Ps: I was born at 1 in the afternoon…


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