My phone flashes
It’s just reminder

I haven’t heard a word
I’m worried
Where is everyone??
What are they doing??
Are they avoiding me??
Am I avoiding me??
Because this time alone
Seems like eternity
– I check my phone
These thoughts I don’t want
I cannot entertain
I question my sanity
– I check my phone
I’m in social poverty
In an ever-growing need
But a friend in need
Is a friend indeed
– I check my phone
The interaction dependacy
Because my own company
Isn’t quite enough
Maybe there’s an emergency??
-I check my phone
In need of social support
I peer over the phone screen
It reflects my face
My sad solitary state
My “comfortable ” place
– I check my phone.


It’s been three minutes?? 
That I cannot spare for myself
No self sufficiency


– I check my phone
Finally someone

“hey, you’ve been quiet all day”

– I check my phone
You’ve saved me from me


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