Home deco




In high-school i read a short story about the yellow wall Paper.  This colour made the patient living in the room seem crazy…we dont realise it but we embody our environments.. Like its rare to be very happy in a cemetary.. N i think its also the reason why we struggle to study in our bedrooms without falling asleep…we recently moved house and my mom has done a fine job with her deco..and it struck me how much environment and colours can affect a person… Imagine walking into someones room and your mood changes.. My room in uni has a homely feel (little proud) and im sure a few friends would agree… Sometimes its the things we overlook thatll make a difference…  Then again im just keen on home deco… But ever wonder why we feel welcome when we step on a welcome mat??  (coz its not guaranteed you are actually welcome 😂😂)





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