Old Harare





Oh how our souls are tied
I share a past with you
But your no longer as you were
My spirit seems to have outgrown you
Yet your potholes are home
And the size much bigger
As your conversations about jack sparrow and kuchekereswa entice me
And make me sad at the same time
I know your streets like i know my body
Just with less vendors
How youll always be special
Because you’re my first
Yet your uncomfortably unpredictable
Like the currency
Will i have this dollar tomorrow??
I fear for the future
What intentions do you have for us?? 
Looking past the smoke of the veld fires
You’re still beautiful!! 
Theres a piece of me in you
And it calls me
Reminding me oh how we are soul tied.

(sometimes the media doesn’t exaggerate the poverty in Africa, but because i have a rooted relationship i will always see the good and want to show only the good.Even after some time and even distance some feelings will never go  just like those feelings for  that no good ex you try to convince yourself is good 😂 you are somehow still connected!!)





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