Making music




Hear the music of my love making
The gentle release of my breath
As it starts up the instrumentals
The gasp and rasp set the tone
Soothing and encouraging
Harmonising with the waterfall sound
Of my wetness
At the increase in tempo
An escape of escalating vocals
Forenames and swear words
Synchronising with the ebb and flow
Of my womanly juices
A well put together chorus
As i cum to the bridge
Which is breathtaking and soulfully
A gentle release of breath again
As my music fades into the night




4 thoughts on “Making music

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  1. Interestn piece..somehow it relayed to me the great intimacy you have with the seem to have seemlessly blended with it as one in your intertwining connection

  2. The intimacy seems to be with you and the nature…the seemless blending in your intertwining connection..dnt knw if you made it intentional..Great piece

  3. Sure..I like the consistency with which you write….I do freestyle contemporary poetry myself so t’s great to see how you easily and speediously deliver..will be great to read/see more of your work

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