Take the world by STORM







I dont like motivational speakers…they never seem to move me and honestly they talk beyond my attention span… I did however bump into a Ted talk!!… And yes there are some motivational speakers but theres also just story tellers and talkers who let you do the talking to yourself… (this is great for people who are self driven) 


Take the world by storm

I dont celebrate Halloween because im Christian but i do dress up (never scary to me its one big fancy dress party) and i go out with my friends..every year i get excited planning my outfit..my general look… After listening to the above talk i realised im a multipotentialite… Thats basically a jack of all trades (of interest) … I dont have one thing im good at… I have several…this has made career choices hard for me…the idea is to find where all my trades intersect….

Take Halloween for example: This shows my ability put a look together (my talent of fashion)…blended with my make up (talent in make up mostly eye make up)… My style of dressing (shows my care for my body which led to my discovery of basketball)… Right down to my chosen character ( ability to be confident and powerful in my own right)…  To choice of function like partying ( where youll most definitely find me on the dance floor) 

This example is a small scale of what i could find in the intersection of my talents… It is that that i intend to be the focus of my future… If you write yours down you might discover something tooo… After all it takes many elements to create a storm!!!  ⚡


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