My personal runway



I was told i was too short to be a model but look how life works…this blog has  became my personal platform where my height isnt an issue…where i get to model my clothes… It’s safe to say when i said model you thought of a body showcasing clothes but the most rewarding thing i model is my mind. In the beginning people always asked me to define what type of blog this was… Inspirational, fashion, poetic??  And i never had an answer, it has been two years and less people ask me that question…My blog is my mind, what interest me, what moves me emotionally and what i want to share with the world…This year i have achieved so much personal growth and created hapiness…It was as though the more joy i gave out the more i got back…i discovered the world has so much to offer me, so much to share with me.The world also wants to share with you its dancefloors, its canvas,its photo negatives…sing in the rain, twerk under the sea…do what brings you to eudaimonia… For me the worlds is my personal runway!! 

2016 resolution: eudaimonia





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