If i am to blog i should blog the truth
Since there is so little of it around
After the photos i often change shoes
To something that touches the ground
The camera man has my coat
Because it was freezing out
But youll believe what floats your boat
And truth is nothing youll hear about
Readily you envy such confidence
Confidence that is easily attainable
When a friend’s the one behind the lense
Staying close to whats acceptable
Crop, filter,  air brush
Because rome and  bloggers
were not built in a rush
Subscribe, like, follow
Follow the leader who mis-leads
Your perception and thoughts
Into an unclear hollow
You really thought the sideboob
Stayed there huh??
But it did for the picture
All day long is taking it a bit too far.
A good dose of naive
And make believe
Gives right of way to deceive
That if and only IF the coat is mine
Its bought from a prestigious labels
Therefore i must have a dime
To fit the blog-given label.
With litte or no knowledge
Of the discount and charity shops
That need to be paid homage.
Truth, I really do the most.




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