It was raining
I took off my ring
What a great night out
I knew it had more to bring
I undressed shyly and slowly
Quite unlike me
Tossed my fashionable clothes
And dove into bed so noone could see
I started to speak
But my lips were silenced
As was my shyness
No hiding but a lot of seek
My first journey began
With waves of excitement
Like the first time you hug a man
The ripples in his back
His body heat and scent
His closeness
Do you remember that excitement??
My journey took a twist
A fence between adventure and danger
That akward moment when beauty
Fell for the beast
I was as unprepared as she
With no knowledge of how to react
How pleasant it would be
Like being tickled by a feather tip
Half laughing half moaning
Involuntarily jolting, not getting a grip
Did you also move like that when tickled??
I zoned out mid journey
Comparing what id read and heard
How wrong, how uncanny
But every trip has a change of course
I needed more to survive
This road came with more force
I imagined i was a dog or cat
Anything on all fours
I take off my hat
To all those who survived this
My shyness returned at first fail
So shy i was wide awake
But i was too weak to ail
I moved toward the wall of the bed
Held my pillow tight
Closed my eyes as a peeping head
Went out of sight…


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