Loving Potential

I read alot of books
And there lies the greatest problem
I come equipt with a high speed
Imagination rate.
I can read one sentence and come up
With the rest of the book.
It has honestly paved the way to my creativity
there lies the second problem
My phenominal ability to create.
Most would think these are good things
And for the most part i did too
Until i met John…

I read this book by the cover
Im not even sure i made it to the blurb
The glossy cover is all i needed
And the lab team began its work
It began to create and picture
His future which involved me of coarse
Me and a whole bridal team
From the cover i depicted his past
His childhood and how hed got here
I made the blanks and then proceeded
To fill them in.
He was perfect for me
Everything id ever imagined
As though he was created just for me.

I always prefered fiction books over fact
Fictionary came with excitement
Unchattered areas that the sane ne’er
Dared imagine.
There lay my third problem: a desire for excitement.
And John did exactly that
Fact is id created a fictional character
The real John couldnt have been
Further from my imagination
Kinda like when they make a book
Into a movie
Missing all the crucial parts
As did john.
He never lived up to my imagination
And we never got to the wedding
I had perfectly created
I’d fallen for mere glossy potential
I learnt that day books dont teach everything
Especially how to fall out of love
With a fabricated potential
The irony is that this story
Would in fact make a great book.


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