Falo Fried


Cooking and I started as any other chore being brought up in an African cultured family. Our maid at the time used to have days off on weekends, this meant weekends where our turn (my siblings and I) to cook.My sister and i used to split the meals in half then do the dishes together after. She always used to do the starch and I’d do the meat ( I was so dumb, she finessed me out of the easy quick half of the meal especially if it was rice, we had a rice cooker 😂😂)

I started to enjoy it though..before long I started to make the full meal and she’d do the dishes. I even experimented with a cook book and baked my first banana cinnamon cupcakes…

Fast forward to uni…I enjoy cooking for my friends and basically playing house with my girls..I started showing snapchat the food I’d made jokingly putting Falo Fried…I did it so much to the point where it became a stamp to my viewers..A friend encouraged me to present my food better (it also helped me with portion control )and before i knew it Falo Fried actually became a thing close to my heart that made me and my tummy happy…

I love cooking it makes me happy and also brings happiness to those I share a plate with..one bite at a time…





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