When people are getting married,theres a misconception that you are getting married to that one man or one woman

But they are in fact getting married to three different people….

The person they know
The person they didnt know but was always there waiting to come out
The person they become as a result of the marriage

(I heard a man say this at a baby shower)

This rang familiar bells in my head. I once wrote about the johari window in my blog..see link below

his statement couldn’t have been more true…there are things about me that everyone knows, then other things that are strange that my friends and family have had to put up with because it’s too late to run away 😂😂 …then other things I’ve acquired due to the relationships I’m exposed to ( for example some shows are more interesting when you watch them with friends..and i forget to watch them when my friends aren’t around)

I can imagine meeting these personalities after you’ve said I do can be shocking and can require adjusting some adjusting to. The shock can be good or bad depending…what I reckon would be worse is not only shocking your partner but yourself…this is why I feel alot of effort needs to be put into self discovery

We all need reinforcements as to why we are on the paths we are on…and why we started



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