A little bit more 

We all have gifts, talents, things we are generally good at…this much I’m sure we know…weather we’ve discovered them or not at this point. 

Multipotentialites falos3.wordpress.com/?s=Multipotentialite+&submit=Search Is something I once spoke about in regards to linking your God given talents to achieve or find your purpose/ideal job. 

Some talents serve as a supporting talent..they basically help enhance another talent. I thought of a fun way to show this…

Here is a video of me dancing wearing Falo Fabric tops(sewn by me).serving as a means to enhance either one of my talents. I could use this as a means of advertisement for my clothes or portfolio for my dancing depending on what I want to be the supporting talent. However my actual goal is to motivate and show how any given talents can be merged and used for any given idea.


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