Beauty is in the eye of beholder
Something unfathomable
Unless i was to share the same view
Share your eye rods and cones
See it through your angles and lighting
Something impossible to do

Beauty is the eyes of the beholder
the beholder can show me that
Capturing the most beautiful moments
And showing beauty in the negatives
And that’s a pun and a set up
On beauty development!!

Behold you’re beautiful
Something unfathomable
I can show you that
So we share the same view
Capturing your most beautiful moments
Through my eye rods and cones
Showing beauty in the negatives
Through your angles and lighting
And that’s a set up for
Nothing is impossible to do
Just let me take a picture of you!!! 

 you are most beautiful doing the things you love or looking at something you makes us beautiful and I haven’t found a foundation that beats it. Selfies don’t compensate for self confidence but you can get closer to it…seeing is believing right ?? 

 stand in front of the mirror, go have a photoshoot…fall in love with what you see…then you’ll believe it and most importantly believe in yourself…and like a good domino effect…you’ll become more confident, the selflove will show…other people will recognise it because you are most beautiful when in love. 

 Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. You are the majority shareholder of your own beauty…You Are The Beholder !! 


 all clothes in the pictures are Falo Fabric 

 massive thank you to HMPhotography for making me remember my beauty 

Check out herve_malila on Instagram 


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