​She was a seamstress 

Her ability to pay attention to detail
With precision and patience
A visionary in her right
What she imagined
She made
As though God had shown her himself
How to create
And maybe he had
Because she involved him in all her work
She knew the pieces to cut off
And the ones to keep
She knew how to sow
And when it’s ripe to reap
Everything was done on time
She even inspired others
She looked the part 
They called her seamstress
Not because she could sew
But because she’d stitched her life together.

I tell everyone that she’s gonna be me !!!
(Dress by Falo Fabrics)



One thought on “Seamstress 

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  1. Best lines for me “She knew how to sow and when it’s ripe to reap…” and

    “They called her seamstress… because she had stitched her life together.”

    I’m glad I have had the privilege of watching you sow, reap and become the seamstress of God’s dreams :).

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