The Remnant 

The remnant

Like loose leaf tea
The strains remain in the cup
Long after the brew is gone.
After the temptress
Has bade adieu
the arousal remains Subdued
As a part of the remnant.

The presence of smoke
Shows fire was once here
SOS, save my soul
Even if I cry no more
Though the mind is free
Trouble lives in the subconscious
As a part of the remnant

It lingers in the recycle bin
After pressing delete
Self running in the background
It leaves that aftertaste
In your mouth subliminally
Slowly stifling the Soulbuds
Reduced to a remnant

But yet still there..



~some habits/sins/feelings are a little harder to shake off…embedded so deep in the nooks and crannies 

Artist : gencersahin  on Instagram 


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