Self love is in the air 

Self love is in the air … literally!!… right now there is a movement almost a trend of self love and self knowledge…this is one of those trends that you wanna roll your eyes at (Coz it’s a trend) but also wanna be a part of (Coz it’s a positive trend).. 

There was a time when I needed that movement, when my self love was at an ultimate low…it was also around that time that I started the blog. Then I bumped into horaceo Jones, a writer who seemed to have been going through what I was going through and stealing words right from my mouth.. I read his posts as he worked on himself. I wanted it too..I wanted whatever he was on…so I began to write and self help…I documented it all in prose and poetry…I did the things that made me happy and challenged myself to happiness…and i noticed people wanted what I had too…they wanted whatever I was on…ironic 😊.. it’s like a Valentines gift…you want what the next girl has got…but it’ll barely make you happy.You desire the substance…

What I was on was different to what Horaceo was on…but it looked the same.. what I mean is, self love will look the same (like a trend ) but it’ll manifest in different ways (unlike a trend)… it’s a Valentines gift but it’s not the next girls is yours 😍 



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  1. It’s weird… Only now in 2018 have i jumped on this self-love train. It is exhilarating to prioritize and value yourself. I never knew I could feel as loved by a man as I am loving myself. Thank you so much.

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