I am Art 

 My body is Art 

Of the kind you may be uncultured in
Mind you, you are mistaken
If all you see is curves and sensuality
Because I am more than that

 For a long time i thought my body too provocative for a certain style of Art. Then I realised it was only so to provocative people. Culturally a lady isnt meant to have her legs apart, im sure you can see why contemporary or gymnastics may have been a bit of an issue.I sooner realised alot of what is said in culture is rarely observed properly, societies literally change and choose a culture depending on the people. So why hold back on what I love. 

 I am not a product of a big bang

Or Art of the abstract kind
I was sculptured 
A masterpiece
I AM ART I have accepted that not all 

Will understand nor appreaciate it
We don’t have the eye
For fine Art



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