Woman of High rank

 She came to me as a woman  

Said what was mine is hers
That her all was in “our” cheating man.
She had been there for years.

He wins, “You know how he is”
But in my head he didn’t get to win
He had just lost what used to be his
But he had gotten under her skin

It was too late for her
In him she had lost her identity
Where is the woman you once were ??
Reduced to a fighting pity.

I knew this wasn’t her first time
There had been others before me
Too desperate for a woman in her prime
She didn’t want to be free

She came to me as a woman
She needed me out of her way pointblank 
So she left with “her” cheating man
And i left a woman of high rank

We both knew she would be doing this again 🙃

A woman’s rank is not determined by a man but in what the woman stands/fights for.👠


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