Frill Frugal

I have committed myself to trying out a different technique with every Falo fabrics Collection. As I pursue mastering my craft ,I thought it was important for me to hold myself accountable to my growth, basically make sure it happens. In my first Collection (Beige and Boujee) I mastered my personal sizing and measurements. In my second Collection (Backless ) i learnt personal pattern manipulation turning basic patterns into jumpsuits and playsuits (coz we don’t like unseasoned fashion) as well as learn different fabrics and stabilisers.

Frill and Frugal

This Collection is about what them fingers do 😜. it was that tedious foreplay of fiddling with the frill to make perfect gathers and pleats when all you want is the dress to come-through already. 😂😂😂( phew that’s enough innuendo for today!!) . The effort is worth it, the frills are a perfect go with the wind vibe. This beach throw did exactly that with playful gathers sheared at different lengths for that added edge.

This nude playsuit zoned in on my pleating skills, with a pleated mesh finish. The neckline was a gathered choker style. The see through mesh gave this look an edge as it allows for different styling opportunities, as shown bellow a statement bra,or a statement necklace or if you’re really at that level of go with the wind; free the nips.

Finally like any good student would, I joined my past collections lessons and made some pants made by manipulating a basic pant pattern into ones with a overlapping flap. Paired it with a matching print top to make a breezy co-ord.

What’s next??


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